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Join today and receive monthly rebates on your card processing fees!

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Merchants Networking - Slide

Additional Member Benefit: Immediately secure a loan up to $150,000 just by joining!

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The card processing network that pays merchants.

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Free 90 day no-risk trial! No fees to cancel anytime! Try us!

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Are you a merchant who wants to make a dividend every month? The Merchants Networking was created to offset credit card processing fees that all merchants pay. You invest with your credit card processing and the Merchants Networking will pay you the dividend monthly. There is absolutely zero cost or risk to you. We have thousands of merchants across the U.S. with more joining daily.


Simply transfer your card processing to us and, THAT'S IT, you've become a member of the network! As the network grows, the savings grow and so do your earnings! Why not benefit from your own card processing fees? The more members that join the more you earn. It's FREE to join, there's no obligation and you can end your membership at any time.


Our Merchant's Comments:

Testimonial - Maida"I joined Merchants Networking I was able to see my dividends coming in and increasing every month. Within 2 months I was able to get a dividend without doing any work. Why pay them when they can pay you?!"
Maida Mousa - Liquor Store, CA
Testimonial - Gowan"I received $36,000 in a lump sum of cash that I don’t even have to repay. I made the best choice by switching to Merchants Networking!"
Gowan Kenny - Auto Shop, GA
Testimonial - Singh"Their portal is very easy, user-friendly, and simple to navigate. I was able to track my earning immediately after signing up! I always get excited when i see my earnings going up!"
Singh Hardeep - Dry Cleaning, CA
Testimonial - Rahn"My business has been struggling lately because of the recession. This extra income will give my business a huge break. Now I will be able to pay my rent and supplies. I'm glad i joined the network! It is a real life saver!"
Rahn James - Liquor Store, IL
Testimonial - Elliott"Not only did I receive extra money, but I was automatically pre-approved to receive up to $100,000 in loan with very low interest rate when no other banks were willing to lend me any money. Now I can remodel and expand my business. This is one of the many perks you can enjoy if you become a member."
Elliott Margaret - Beauty Shop, TX

All earnings & payouts are paid via PayPal. If you or the business owners don’t have a PayPal account, simply go to https://www.paypal.com/home and setup a FREE account.

Why wait? JOIN TODAY!