About Us

About Us

About Us

Merchant Networking is a leading business financial services provider. Our company offers loans, unsecured ones for all business.

Merchant Networking was founded by experienced finance professionals who strive to assist all business owners in evaluating their current and future financial needs. Our goal is help businesses stay in business, renovate, grow or start new businesses. Why tie-up your personal capital? Let us see what we can do for you.

Merchant Investment Funds

Are you prepared for the future? Invest in a new business finance and receive a retirement pension!

We will give you $10,000 to $150,000 so you can start funding your investment. In other words, the company will provide the funding for the investments, so there is no risk.

For example, if you start an investment with $50,000 (which we give you), you will receive a net benefit of $827,000 in 15 years. You can start planning for your retirement with $827,470.

Many financial experts emphasize this concept. “An investment with compound interest benefits you in the long run.” You probably already have heard a lot about this method. Unlike simple interest, which pays interest only on principal, compound interest is a method of paying interest on principal (interest + interest)

Please call our dedicated team now to find out how you can receive the investment funds and how to invest today.

Loan 1Loan 2Loan 3
RateFrom 6.25%From 8.25%From 15%
Funding< $7,000,000< $500,000< $250,000
Funding time3 to 4 weeks7-10 days3-5 days
Term< 15 years< 5 years< 20 months
Loan Stipulations *TIB 3 years
*FICO score 650
*3 yrs TR
*TIB 2 years
*FICO score 650
*No TR
*P&L and Balance sheet
*TIB 4 months
*FICO score 500
*No TR
*4 months bank statements
Purpose Business purchase,
Commercial purchase,
Refinance & Equiptment,
Business line of credit
Working capital Working capital

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