Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join the Merchants Networking?

Click on SIGN UP link, complete the info and we’ll contact you about transferring your card processing. Once that’s complete, you’ll be a member and can start receiving monthly payments.

How quickly will my earnings build up?

That depends on how quickly the network grows so if you know other merchants that would be interested in earning extra cash, refer them to our site http:// www.merchantsnetworking.com or provide us with their contact info and we’ll call them directly. We can also be reached at 800 860 5624.

Will I be able to track my earnings?

Yes, after you transfer your card processing, a link will be sent so you can access our portal and watch your earnings grow!

How do I obtain the up to $150,000 business loan or line of credit?

Click on the Contact Us link and tell us you’re interested in a loan/line of credit. Whether you join the network or not, we may be able to assist you with a loan. We can also be reached at 800 860 5624.

What if I want to leave the Merchants Networking?

There’s absolutely no obligation so simply notify us that you’re transferring your card processing and we’ll remove you from the network.